Maru Rey Rosa

“This training meant a before and after in my flamenco dance. I would like other people passionate about flamenco to experience the benefits of this method.”

→ Accredited TCC Trainer and Flamenconsciente® Tutor.
→ Conscious Body Technique for flamenco dance and Life.

Beginnings and Development in Flamenco

Maru discovered her passion for flamenco at the age of 9, when, influenced by her grandmother and after attending a performance at the National Theater of the Mary Farrington Flamenco Academy, her mother enrolled her in dance classes.

Her journey in flamenco has been extensive, spanning over thirty years with several necessary pauses due to personal, academic, and professional commitments.

Her training deepened for eight years at the Liesel de la Peña Flamenco School and continued with workshops taught by renowned masters such as Adela Campallo and Juan Polvillo.

"Certification and Professional Commitment"

During the pandemic, Maru discovered the Flamenconsciente® method and trained online for 18 months, culminating in a six-month Practicum that ended in December 2022. She received her certification as a tutor of the method directly from India in Seville.

Currently, she continues her education at the Olé Escuela de Flamenco in Guatemala and participates in the Flamenco Workshop at Rafael Landívar University.

Her goal is to use her vast experience and acquired resources to help other flamenco enthusiasts find in this dance a source of learning, joy, health, well-being, and creativity.

My experience with CBT

TCC FlamenConsciente® Online

I will be your tutor on the platform www.flamenconsciente.com while you consciously study the tutorials of this technique for flamenco dance and life. I will share my experience and accompany you in a respectful, loving, and patient manner so that you can integrate this technique into your dance and express yourself with authenticity and joy.

Masterclass "Introduction to CBT"

During the Masterclass, I will guide you for two hours, during which we will go through the main Modules and exercises of this Methodology together. We will conclude with a Tango routine so that you can experience the benefits of each movement in your dance.

Do you have any questions? I can help you!

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