la india flamenconsciente los secretos del baile flamenco

The Book of Flamenco Body Secrets

India, Ed. Red Circle, 2024

“I don’t get to express everything I feel when I dance.”

This is the phrase that inspires the third book of “La India”. In it he addresses the suffering of those who love flamenco dance with the passion that prevents them from leaving it and the despair that leads them to lose themselves in the search for death and rebirth.

The author reveals the Secrets of the Flamenco body with generosity and dedication, as a result of years of careful observation and research of the bodies of her teachers, experimentation on her own body and testing, through transformation, the vital body of her students.

316 pages

Language: Spanish

Date published: 01/23/24

Content Detail:

It is a book for students and professionals of flamenco dance who seek to find in the duende, the fullness of feeling their dance. This treatise will immerse you in the secret of the flamencura of the body.

Fundamentals of CBT:

The first part of the book lays the foundations of the Conscious Body Technique (CBT), urging to transform the imitation of the teacher into a personal exploration.

Practical Guide:

The second part provides a detailed exercise guide, complemented with images and videos, for an introspective journey that modifies body perception.

FlamenConsciente® Methodology:

Throughout the book, India introduces this pioneering methodology that integrates mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of dance within a humanistic and transpersonal therapeutic framework.

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