What is the Conscious Body Technique (CBT)?

Discover your expression as the bridge between emotion and movement.

At the heart of a dance that transcends simple movement and becomes an expression of the soul is the Conscious Body Technique.

CBT is a proven methodology that invites you to
to the exploration of sensations by means of exercises that change perception
and that make it possible to carry out a deep and revealing inner process.

flamenconsciente que es la tecnica corporal consciente

Origins and essence of CBT

CBT is the new paradigm of flamenco dance that offers new understandings of the body and emotions.

It draws on the traditional technique of flamenco dance and conscious movement based on the tools of humanistic psychotherapy, oriental and Mindfulness.

The gifts of practicing CBT

  • Dialogue with your body: understand the language of your body to transform your practice into an act of self-love.
  • Unfold your unique expression: when you allow yourself to live your dance your
    essence shines in every movement.
  • Peace and fulfillment at every step: find a place of calm and refuge to explore your dance.
  • Hone your art from within: develop and sharpen your perception
    conscious of your usual technique to express your genuine dance.
flamenconsciente que es la tecnica corporal consciente

CBT is for you.

If flamenco is your passion, or if you are looking for a more conscious and fulfilling way to move, CBT awaits you.

It is for the artist who wishes to go deeper, the beginner who longs to express themselves and anyone who seeks to express themselves with their soul in their flamenco dance as a personal and professional development.

Voices of the Flamenco/as Consciente Community

Hear from those who have woven CBT into their dance and into the tapestry of their Life, sharing stories of transformation and rediscovery that inspire and motivate.

Maria – Student 5 stars

Since I started the TCC course for flamenco, my relationship with dance has changed radically. I have learned to listen to my body and express myself more authentically. It is much more than a dance course; it is an invitation to rediscover oneself.

Javier – Student5 stars

The CBT course has been a revelation. I never imagined that flamenco could be so enriching.

Through conscious body technique, I have learned to dance in a way that respects and listens to my body, freeing me from old tensions and improving my expression.

Lizeth – Tutor5 stars

Before I started CBT, I always ended my flamenco classes feeling that I could have given more to my students, both physically and emotionally.

CBT allowed me to deepen how I teach, focusing more on the mind-body connection, which has been eye-opening for both me and my students. It is gratifying to see how they now approach flamenco not only as a dance, but as a way to better understand and express themselves.

Victor – Student5 stars

I approached CBT looking for something to help me deal with the stress and strain of work. What I found was much more than that: a new way of relating to flamenco, which has been an important part of my life for years.

CBT has not only helped me relax, but has also enriched my flamenco practice, making it more conscious and expressive. Now, every step and every measure is more meaningful.

flamenconsciente clases online y presenciales

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