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Flamenco My Inspiration

India, Ed. Red Circle, 2024

Discover how “Flamenco My Inspiration” addresses the emotional aspect of flamenco, a dimension rarely explored in the literature of this art form. This book will inspire you to understand and express emotions in your dancing.

210 pages

Language: English, Spanish

Date of publication: 2017

Content Detail:

India offers in this book a spiritual and concrete vision of flamenco, exploring emotional integration within an artistic and therapeutic framework. His work provides a profound guide to know, accept and release emotions through flamenco, turning it into a tool for personal expression and development.

Emotional Connection and Flamenco:

The first part focuses on emotional maturity through flamenco, promoting a process of self-knowledge and liberation.

Deepening by Palo:

In the second part, we examine how to manage and harness emotions in different flamenco palos, such as Soleá, Seguiriya and more, focusing on the sincere expression of emotions.

Didactic Methodology:

The third part details his pedagogical approach that unites Being and Technique in the teaching and learning of flamenco.

Tools and Exercises:

The fourth part includes practical exercises and tools to apply this methodology in teaching, while maintaining respect for the sacred space of emotional learning.

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