la india flamenconsciente mis 10 mandamientos del baile flamenco

My ten commandments for flamenco dance and life

India, Ed. 2017

It is a small and intense book that describes a second. That precise moment when you lock yourself up to study and create in your intimacy (when you prepare to put into practice what you have already built in your desire).

The holy instant that changes everything.

33 pages

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish

Date of publication: 2017

    Content Detail:

    Explore the depths of your art and your being through the “10 Commandments for Flamenco Dance and Life”, a work that deepens the personal and universal reflections initially outlined in the book “Flamenco My Inspiration”.

    Personal Reflection:

    India shares her process of introspection and the decisive moments that led her to unravel each commandment, a personal journey towards authenticity.

    Collective Experience:

    She relates how the interaction with participants in her online workshop helped to enrich the understanding of these commandments, showing the universality of our experiences and emotions.


    Discusses the metamorphosis of personal perceptions into broader, shared insights, with the metaphor of “The Caverns of Avernus” as a process of deep exploration of inner challenges.

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