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India: an icon of the Flamenco body and Body Therapy

la india flamenconsciente

Initiatives and Education

Roots and Formation of a Dancer

Since she was 6 years old in La Plata, Buenos Aires, María Virginia, professionally known as “La India”, discovered her passion for dancing.

Throughout his adolescence, he deepened his art with flamenco masters visiting from Spain.

Combining motherhood and her education, she completed her training in humanistic therapies at the Escuela de Terapia Corporal de La Plata, a foundation that would enrich her entire career.

Professional and Artistic Career

From Argentina to Spain: A New Beginning

In 1999, “La India” rekindled her love for flamenco in Seville and Jerez, studying with legendary teachers such as Matilde Coral and Manuela Carrasco and adopting her stage name from her teacher, Concha Vargas, consolidating her identity in flamenco.

In 2007, after closing her academy in Argentina, she moved to Seville, where she began teaching flamenco and conducting flamenco therapy workshops.

This change not only marked a new professional stage, but also a personal one, as she found her love and life partner in Carlos Domínguez Reinhardt, a psychotherapist from Seville.

la india flamenconsciente

Literary and academic contributions

Publications and Teaching in FlamenConsciente®.

As a writer, La India has co-authored “The Therapeutic Paths of Flamenco” (2008) and written several books of her own that explore the integration of flamenco and therapy.

His most outstanding works include “
Flamenco My Inspiration
“, “My 10 Commandments for Flamenco Dance and Life ” and ” My 10 Commandments for Flamenco Dance and Life” y “
The Secrets of the Flamenco Body
which have been translated into several languages, extending its influence beyond Spanish-speaking borders.

la india flamenconsciente los secretos del baile flamenco

The Book of Flamenco Body Secrets

India, Ed. Red Circle, 2024

calendar Languages: Spanish

This book details the FlamenConsciente® methodology in detail.
through the description of key points for the structural placement of the
movements in the flamenco dance, integrating body therapy techniques in a way that

la india flamenconsciente el flamenco mi inspiración

Flamenco My Inspiration

India, Ed. Red Circle, 2017

calendar Languages: Spanish, English

This book highlights the value of the moment of creative introspection prior to the practice of the dance, describing it as the emotions that each flamenco dance palo awakens in a crucial and transformative instant.

la india flamenconsciente mis 10 mandamientos del baile flamenco

My 10 commandments for flamenco dance and life

India, 2017

calendar Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish

“La India” shares her maxims, which, like commandments, she carried forward to heal her dance and reformulate her dance emphasizing its personal and unique character.

    la india flamenconsciente tecnica corporal consciente

    Innovations and development of techniques

    The FlamenConsciente® method and its impact

    India is the creator of the FlamenConsciente® Method, whose fundamental tool is CBT (Conscious Body Technique). A revolutionary technique that integrates flamenco with humanistic therapies to promote physical and emotional well-being.

    This method has transformed the practice of flamenco, allowing students and professionals to explore and heal through art.

    Philosophy and current teachings

    Education and therapy: India's current commitments

    Its focus is on the process of dancing through a conscious technique. It is a new look at the body as identity.

    We maintain that how we live this encounter with the dance is also how we live our lives. Teaching flamenco students and professionals everywhere to heal their relationship with the dance and explore new resources.

    Dance retreat and current focus

    A new stage: beyond flamenco dance

    Transcending her life as a dancer to become even more committed to body therapy, offering assistance to those who need to overcome conflicts and blockages.

    She specializes in accompanying the emotional process of dance for students and professionals of flamenco and art in general in individual sessions or group retreats in her retreat and evolution space “El Portal” in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla.

    Discover FlamenConsciente® Private Sessions

    I offer you my knowledge and experience in private sessions, available online and offline.

    If you need to explore what is preventing you from fully enjoying your dance or aspects of your life, I have an intimate and protected space where you can open up, trust and heal.

    Reserve your place now and transform your dance and your life with your expert guidance.

    Do you have any doubts? We help you!

    We are here to help you discover the transformative power of flamenco.

    Contact La India for more information about classes, workshops, or personalized therapy. Your journey towards self-discovery through flamenco can begin today!

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