Lizeth Félix

“CBT has been a path of transformation in my dance and in my life. I would like to accompany you on that journey of exploration towards your inner self to inhabit your own dance.”

→ Accredited CBT Trainer and FlamenConsciente® Tutor.
→ Degree in Performing Arts for Dance Expression from the University of Guadalajara, dance arts teacher in public secondary schools in her country.

Professional Career and Connection with Flamenco

Lizeth Félix holds a degree in Performing Arts for Dance Expression and is a dance teacher in basic education in Mexico, with over 20 years of experience in flamenco dance.

She has participated in courses with renowned artists and flamenco teachers both in Spain and her country, and has worked as an executive producer on stage projects and been part of flamenco dance companies.

Over time, Lizeth began to perceive flamenco from a new perspective, sensing that there were different ways to learn, teach, and enjoy this art.

Personal Transformation through Flamenco

In 2012, Lizeth felt particularly connected with the ideas from a collaboration of India in a book, which led her to collaborate on the editing of India’s second book, “My 10 Commandments for Flamenco Dance and Life“, five years later.

In 2020, she decided to enroll in the CBT Training, starting a process of personal rediscovery that transformed both her dance and her life.

This journey not only reaffirmed one of her life’s purposes but also provided her with valuable companionship and support in her personal and professional development.

My experience with CBT

TCC FlamenConsciente® Online

I will accompany you in your dance process and the path you choose within the platform www.flamenconsciente.com, as your tutor, with respect, warmth, and care. On this journey towards yourself, with the Body Awareness Technique for flamenco dance, you will be able to express yourself authentically in your dance and in life.

Masterclass "Introduction to CBT"

  • 30 minutes of theory, where the objectives and premises of the Technique are introduced.
  • 1.5 hours of practical application, including fundamental exercises to help you experience the methodology in your body.

"2-Day In-Person" Workshop

  • 2 in-person sessions of 3 hours each, where you will explore this technique in your body.
  • 2 weeks of training.
  • 2 weeks of personalized tutoring.
  • 2 weeks of access to support tutorials on the FlamenConsciente platform.
  • Masterclass with La India at the end of the two weeks.

Do you have any questions? I can help you!

Si quieres aprender a bailar flamenco de forma saludable y respetuosa con el cuerpo y las emociones, para que puedas asistir a cualquier clase y disfrutar de ella, si quieres experimentar la TCC como una forma de autoconocimiento y autocuidado, escríbeme y te acompaño en este proceso, a tu propio ritmo. Si lo prefieres, puedes contactarme directamente de otras formas:

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