Online Hands Workshop

It is in your hands, never better said, to discover your Secret.

Do you feel that when you dance flamenco, your hands do not express the life that is in your heart?

This workshop is for seekers, artists in general, dancers, dancers, therapists, psychologists and beings with the desire to grow and develop their art for life with the desire to know the inner parts or people that pull the strings from the unconscious.

This workshop is essential for aspirants to the CBT – FlamenConsciente® Training, so it is already included in this training.

What will you learn in this workshop?

In this magical workshop of emotional exploration, for flamenco dance and your life, you will learn to put your heart in your hands and discover its secret like those little gypsies, who with their sprig of rosemary, see your whole life there, you are the one who can, through this tool, discover in your hands your luck, your destiny and your truth.

A week in which you will work on these themes in your intimacy and at the same time in your daily life, knowing that I will be accompanying you and that we will give closure to your experience together in a session.

la india flamenconsciente tecnica corporal consciente

✅ 6 tutorials that will help you in your conscious body technique.

Practice daily these tutorials focused on the observation of movements and breathing.

The main exercises are energetic hands, stretching and hand technique, with additional options to explore and deepen mirrorless physical perception, such as head, shoulder and wrist pinch, among others.

These supplements help you experience physical sensations and adjust your mental focus.

✅ 5 Audios for Emotional Exploration

Series of audios that guide you to reflect and learn about your emotions and daily perceptions.

The audios cover progressive themes from “I recognize” to “I believe“, with the objective of facilitating deep emotional introspection through daily tasks.

✅ Additional Content

More resources and materials will be shared on the platform, further enriching the learning experience.

✅ Zoom Classroom Integration

A closing group or individual session at Zoom, entitled “The secret of my hands“.

This meeting synthesizes the weekly work and provides tools and reflections to integrate learning into daily life and dance in a conscious way.

Individual Workshop

135 € (Non-students)

Enjoy this workshop with the accompaniment of La India.


If you are a student of the FlamenConsciente Community, ask the administration for your payment link.

Group Workshop

90€ (Non students)

If you are a student of the TCC FlamenConsciente® Training, it is included.

Perfect Your Expression with the FlamenConsciente® Hands Workshop

Don’t your hands reflect the passion of your flamenco dancing? Join our workshop and discover how your hands can express the true essence of your art.

Register now and start transforming your flamenco expression.

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