Monica Rossetti

“The FlamenConsciente® technique has definitely changed my life and my flamenco. I therefore wish to help others do the same.”

→ Accredited CBT Trainer and Flamenconsciente® Tutor
→ Body Awareness Technique for Flamenco Dance and Life

Professional Experience and Reconnection with Flamenco

Monica is a trainer with twenty years of experience working with individuals and companies on topics such as leadership, effective communication, time management, and team cooperation.

During the 2020 lockdown, she decided to use the available time to reconnect with flamenco, a passion she cultivated during the five years she lived in Spain and for which she has a deep love.

Integration of Training and Personal Development

Monica chose to combine her study of flamenco with her work as a trainer by enrolling in India Gutierrez’s Body Awareness Technique course.

This journey had a significant impact on her life, influencing her approach to problem-solving and improving her ability to manage changes and learn from experiences.

These transformations motivated her to become a trainer of the same method, eager to enable others to experience its benefits both personally and professionally, enhancing their effectiveness, confidence, and focus on goals.

How has my experience with CBT been?

Online TCC FlamenConsciente® Training

I will accompany you as a Tutor during the TCC-FlamenConsciente Training process, helping you to correct or improve certain details, clarifying your doubts, and answering your questions.

I speak 4 languages, so I can support you in English, Italian, Spanish, and French.

Training courses

With Dancefulness®, I organize training courses for companies using mindful flamenco and CBT to work on themes such as empowerment and leadership.

With the Flamencompassion courses, together with a certified Mindfulness teacher, I combine Body Awareness Techniques with Mindfulness practices to work on self-compassion.

Do you have any questions? I can help you!

Se senti di voler fare un passo in più per vivere al meglio le tue lezioni, sia come maestro che come alunno, e/o senti di voler sperimentare maggior autenticità e gioia quando balli flamenco, questa è la formazione giusta per te.

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