Laura Pesarini

“Thanks to CBT, I have learned to enjoy my dance, and now I love what I see in the mirror! As a trainer, I want to accompany you in this process so that you too can achieve your personal development in flamenco dance.”

→ Accredited CBT Trainer and FlamenConsciente® Tutor.
→ Dancer and director of Luna Roja, an accredited FlamenConsciente® center in Argentina.

Career and Dance Training

Laura Andrea Pesarini has explored the world of dance since the age of 5, delving into various styles and gymnastics, including Spanish Dance.

At 18, while beginning her studies in Architecture in Rosario, she fell in love with flamenco, leading her to dedicate herself exclusively to this discipline.

Her training includes lessons with a renowned teacher in Argentina and seminars taught by Spanish flamenco dancers.

In 2019, she undertook a 2-month training trip to Spain, where she deepened her technique in cities like Madrid, Granada, and Sevilla, discovering a methodology that revolutionized her approach to flamenco.

Professional Career as an Educator and Artist

Upon returning to Argentina, Laura began offering in-person flamenco classes in Río Grande and Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego.

Additionally, she has been involved in organizing tablaos and performances with live musicians, enriching the cultural offerings of her region.

In 2020, her career took an academic turn when she started formal studies in Body Awareness Technique, culminating in her current role as FlamenConsciente® Tutor on the FlamenConsciente® platform.

My experience with CBT

Online FlamenConsciente®

I will be your tutor on the platform www.flamenconsciente.com, accompanying you in any of the possible modalities.

I will be at your disposal to help you bring this unique and unprecedented technique to your body, enabling you to inhabit your dance with confidence and joy. You will learn a method that will allow you to achieve all your dance goals.

Weekly TCC FlamenConsciente® Classes

Weekly classes in Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego.

We will experience CBT in a group setting, although each person will work at their own pace.

  • 1 weekly session of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

* Support via WhatsApp during the week.

Mode: group, in-person.

You can also participate in the MasterClasses that I occasionally offer in the cities of Río Grande and Ushuaia.

You can participate in in-person flamenco dance classes

  • GROUP CLASSES. ALL LEVELS: Regular group classes adapted to your level.
  • INDIVIDUAL CLASSES: We will work to achieve your specific goals.
  • TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUE CLASSES: Multilevel group classes to perfect your dance.
  • BODY AWARENESS TECHNIQUE: Weekly group classes, Master class, 5-week training.

Do you have any questions? I can help you!

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¡Tu viaje hacia el autoconocimiento a través del flamenco puede comenzar hoy!

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