Conscious Corporal Technique for Flamenco and for Life

FlamenConsciente® is a method including a series of techniques, starting from the essential one: traditional flamenco, to fill the need of making lively, significant, and authentic movements expressing a dancer’s identity. This method nourishes and structures itself with Eastern tools and techniques, as well as with Humanistic therapy and with the aim of consciously integrating breathing, strength, balance, and weight. Considering intention and energy direction to create effective, light, and smooth but also strong and firm movements. Using one’s physical and emotional energy instead of effort as the only tool to progress, focusing on perception, not on steps perfection.


In this presentation course you will discover part of the material that you will have at your disposal with CCT Training, if you decide to become part of the new flamenco learning and training paradigm or of the team of  CCT FlamenConsciente® Tutors and Trainers, who have already made their experience and who are now ready to support the Process of your Dancing.


I want to share with you what was initially a simple idea and has now become an actual reality as well as my personal project. By means of it, I put myself at the service of flamenco, my spiritual father, which guided my steps with its structures; this is my way of showing my gratefulness and giving back what flamenco has been teaching me.
In FlamenConsciente® I bring together my know-how as a therapist and my flamenco art, with the aim of providing you with an access to a deeper and committed sight, which enables you to heal your blocked emotions, that flamenco moves inside; this happens to dancers as well as to cante fans or guitar players with whom I currently work, with the only purpose of helping people to get out of the inner jail preventing them from expressing themselves authentically.
This expression, FlamenConsciente®, which has now become a registered trademark, represents the union of two paths: emotional healing and flamenco art; I am constantly committed with the latter by  investigating and using my own experience. Thanks for your support and acknowledgement, which encourages me to go on.

Sometimes your flamenco just misses you. And if you are not there, who is dancing your flamenco?



Learn CCT for your dance and for your life

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Learn and teach CCT with the FlamenConsciente® Certification

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This sincere, spiritual and at the same time extremely practical book, is the result of some form of inspiration and aims at inspiring its readers.

The author goes straight to the emotional aspect of flamenco, something that had never been dealt with in the literature related to this dance.

In the First Part, she intends to know, accept, and release the intimacy of flamenco, then going into deeper details with emotional maturity from both an artistic and a therapeutic point of view.

In the Second Part, La India proposes to discover and exploit the emotions building up your own dance: Soleá, Seguiriya, Tarantos, Soleá por Bulerías, Alegrías, Peteneras, Tangos, Tientos y Bulerías. She also wants to take you back to sincerity when expressing danced emotions by means of technique.

In the Third Part, she describes her teaching method involving your own Being and Technique.

In the Fourth Part, the author inserts some exercises and practical tools for students so that they can test this method and use it themselves, respecting the sacred space of learning heart by heart, with dedication and self-discipline, without sacrificing their self-esteem and motivation.

Recommended book: “Flamenco My Inspiration” by La India

FlamenConsciente® makes your flamenco dance conscious, by integrating body movements with the emotional, mental, and spiritual component, in unity. The aim of this method is evolving physically and emotionally, learning to be present in your artistic expression, knowing what you feel and where you feel it in each single moment of your dancing, to provide it with meaning and personality, something which will certainly get expressed in your life too.

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Why should I learn CCT?

Learning CCT for flamenco enables you to recognize the sensations included in your movements while you dance, to build up your dancing inside of you, to purify and relearn the techniques you have studied during your standard classes, enhancing your skills and learning from your own difficulties, referring to your inner strength and not to physical and mental effort generated by copying the master’s movements until they are executed correctly.

What does Corporal Conscious Technique work on?

It works on the essential components of CCT: breathing, balance, strength, and weight; intention, direction, and attention to movements; time, presence, consciousness, as I explained in my book “Flamenco, My Inspiration”.
The integration of all these elements is the basis of CCT, it is necessary to create the movements you wish.

The matter is perceiving, and not copying and repeating the step until it is perfectly executed, which implies mental and physical effort. To do this, you need to work both on your corporal technique and on your emotions; I will be your guide and support to bring you there.