Monica Rossetti

“FlamenConsciente® technique has remarkably changed my life and my flamenco; I want to help others to experience the same”.

→ FlamenConsciente® Accredited CCT Trainer and Tutor
→ Conscious Corporal Technique for Flamenco and for Life

Professional Experience and Reconnection with Flamenco

Monica is a trainer with twenty years of experience working with people and companies on topics such as leadership, effective communication, time management, and team cooperation.

During the lockdown in 2020, she decided to use the available time to reconnect with flamenco, a passion she nurtured during the five years she lived in Spain and deeply loves.

Integration of Training and Personal Development

Monica chose to combine her study of flamenco with her work as a trainer by enrolling in the Conscious Body Technique course by India Gutierrez.

This journey significantly impacted her life, influencing her approach to problem-solving and improving her ability to manage changes and learn from experiences.

These transformations motivated her to become a trainer of the same method, eager to allow others to experience its benefits both personally and professionally, enhancing their effectiveness, confidence, and focus on goals.

How has my experience with CCT been?

CCT FlamenConsciente® online training

As a certified tutor, I will support you during your CCT Training Process, helping you to improve some details while practising the 80 FlamenConsciente® tutorials, clarifying your doubts and answering your questions.

I speak 4 languages: I can support you in English, Italian, Spanish, and French.

Training courses

With Dancefulness® project that I co-founded, I design and deliver company and individual training courses, with the aim of generating and increasing empowerment, positivity, and energy, supporting the development of one’s potential, excellence and wellness, by means of CCT-FlamenConsciente® practise.

Do you need help? I can help you!

If you believe you need to take a step further to enjoy your flamencos classes, either as a master or as a student, and/or you search for more authenticity and joy while dancing flamenco, this training is what you are looking for.

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