Conscious Corporal Technique for Flamenco and for Life

Get to know your body and express your essence in flamenco dance

In order to perform a perfect dance, you train your body by dissociating it from feeling.

Do you repeat systematic movements until they are perfected at the cost of suffering?

With CBT, you will enter the perfection of perceiving a living and powerful body that expresses authenticity in its dance.

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What is Conscious Body Technique?

It is a valuable tool for those who love flamenco dance and suffer, with the passion that prevents them from quitting and the desperation that leads them to lose themselves in the search for the freedom to express their dance.

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Meet La India

From the age of 6 in La Plata, Buenos Aires, María Virginia, professionally known as “La India”, discovered her passion for dance.

La India is the creator of the FlamenConsciente® Method, a revolutionary technique that integrates flamenco with humanistic therapies to promote physical and emotional well-being.

This method has transformed the practice of flamenco, allowing students to explore and heal through art.

Training in Conscious Body Technique

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Training in Conscious Body Technique for flamenco and life

Experience the exploration of CBT for personal development in flamenco dance, or to teach CBT using the FlamenConsciente® methodology both in-person and online, endorsed by La India as its creator.

  • Duration: 18 months
  • 100% online training
  • 23 modules, 80 tutorials
  • Ongoing tutoring
  • FlamenConsciente® Certificate
flamenconsciente clases online y presenciales

Become a CBT Trainer

The practicum prepares you to support the dance process of others, helping them discover their potentials and overcome difficulties.

Designed for those who have completed their CBT-FlamenConsciente Training.

  • 20h of recorded classes + 6 interactive group classes
  • 100% online training
  • Guidance and support by La India and a Certified Tutor
  • Choose between 2 types of certification

Literary and academic contributions

Publications and Teaching in FlamenConsciente®

As an author, La India has participated in writing and co-authoring various publications that combine flamenco with body therapy.

Among her most significant literary contributions are titles such as “Flamenco, My Inspiration“, “The Therapeutic Paths of Flamenco” and “My 10 Commandments for Flamenco Dance and Life“.

These books, translated into multiple languages, have expanded her international recognition.


la india flamenconsciente el flamenco mi inspiración

Flamenco My Inspiration

La India, Ed. Círculo Rojo, 2015

calendario Languages: Spanish, English

This book highlights the value of the moment of creative introspection before the practice of dance, describing it as the emotions that each flamenco dance style awakens at a crucial and transformative instant.

la india flamenconsciente mis 10 mandamientos del baile flamenco

My 10 Commandments for Flamenco and for Life

La India, 2017

calendario Languages: Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese

“La India” shares her maxims, which, as commandments, she followed to heal her dance and reformulate it, emphasizing its personal and unique character.

la india flamenconsciente los secretos del baile flamenco

The Book of Secrets of the Flamenco Body

La India, Ed. Circulo Rojo, 2024

calendario Idiomas: Español

This book details the FlamenConsciente® methodology through the explanation of key points for correct posture and movements in flamenco dance, integrating body therapy techniques in an accessible manner.

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